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I'm Bianca, founder and CEO of SUPNIXE LLC.

I teach yoga and fitness classes on land and water.

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Events at The Curve Wellness Studio (Wakefield)

GLOWGA more details soon


Yoga at The Curve Wellness Studio (Wakefield)

Core Yoga Mondays 7-8.15pm 

Yogaboard for Beginners, Wednesday 7-8.15pm

SUP YOGA at Mystic Lakes 

Sign up available now! 

GLOWGA SUP Yoga, Fridays 7.30pm

Floating Flow SUP Yoga, Saturdays 9.30am

Guided Floating Meditation, Saturdays 11am

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Weekly Summer Schedule 2023

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About Us

About me

My name is Bianca Inirio. I am a certified Yoga, SUP Yoga, BogaFit and Barre Instructor as well as a Practitioner of the Yoga for the Special Child, which provides infants, children, and their parents with a powerful tool to improve their quality of life in the Boston area.

Having studied Occupational Therapy in Germany and the United States, I am focusing on body safety and injury prevention. I am a science and research nerd, who knows of the health benefits of movement such as practicing yoga and mental training such as meditation. I have taken over 300 hrs of teacher training and deepened my scientific background while completing a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Boston University and my work as a Research OTD at Harvard University.

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Private Classes


I offer private classes. Sessions will be tailored according to your level of skills and personal goals.

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Jean Shames

I met Bianca in 2018. I travel for work and the hotel I stayed at offered free yoga classes. I had practiced yoga for a few years by that time, enough to realize what an excellent instructor Bianca is. Her Vinyasa Flow sequences are thoughtfully structured to address specific areas where tension builds up. Bianca offers options for asanas that enable students at all levels to participate in the most challenging flows. She emphasizes form, reminding students that alignment is key to achieving results from their practice. She is the only instructor I’ve ever studied with that has taken a class through each individual asana of chaturanga with emphasis on transitioning from one asana to the next. Every time I do chaturanga I hear her voice in the back of my mind saying it’s better to do chaturanga perfectly once per class that to do it incorrectly over and over. 

Bianca also is very empathetic and shows concern for the needs of her students. She asks for input and feedback and is willing to tailor her plans for a class to address specific issues. I very much enjoy the meditation opportunities she builds into her classes, which I consider integral to yoga practice. I have grown very fond of Bianca over the years I have practiced with her and consider her a dear friend. I am grateful, in a way, for the pandemic because it enables me to continue to practice with Bianca remotely. As long as that option is available, I plan to continue to practice with her and strongly encourage anyone at any level to do the same!


Seun Araromi

A unique and fun experience on the water, filled with moments of laughter and tranquility. Expertly facilitated by Bianca, with a focus on the holistic experience and enjoyment, rather than getting everything “right”. Would highly recommend (especially for small groups)!


Katie Nelson

I have been taking yoga with Bianca for 2 years. Her classes have the perfect balance of mindfulness and meditation paired with unique, fun flows that have helped me grow in my practice and gain strength and flexibility. As someone who has had both shoulder and knee surgery in the past, I appreciate that she takes the time to warm up properly at the start of every class and gives excellent cues to ensure correct alignment and prevent injuries. Bianca is able to offer modifications for all levels to keep her classes engaging for everyone, not just on a mat, but also on the SUP!! I am so glad she encouraged me to try SUP yoga last summer. Taking yoga on the water was an amazing experience. I am looking forward to more fun on the paddleboard this summer. If you haven’t taken a class with Bianca (on zoom or on the SUP), you are missing out!! 


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